Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nook Blog Find #13 A Whisper To A Scream by Karen Wojcik Berner

Name: Karen Wojcik Berner
Title: A Whisper to a Scream (The Bibliophiles: Book One)
Price: $2.99
Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction
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“Some books you read, put down, and forget all about, but I promise you this won't be one of them.”
— Kindle Fire Department

“...fearless truthfulness...”
— Publishers Weekly

She could be your sister, best friend, wife, daughter, neighbor.

An overwhelmed stay-at-home mom whose husband is too preoccupied with work to spend time with his family.

A PR executive scared to death she waited too long to have the baby she has always wanted.

When they meet through a Classics Book Club, each thinks the other one’s life is so much better than her own.

But, is the grass truly greener on the other side of the fence?

A vivid portrayal of contemporary marriage and its problems, "A Whisper to a Scream" speaks to a longing in all of us, a yearning that might start as a vague notion, but eventually grows into an unbearable, vociferous cry.

This is the first installment of six novels exploring the lives of The Bibliophiles, a fictional suburban book club.

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